Geotagging with the Pebble Smart watch

Recently, I received my Pebble Smartwatch. It's been the best bit of tech I've bought in a long time. No more reaching for my phone to check the time or messages, it's all right there on my wrist.

But the best part of having a Pebble watch is Tasker integration. If you're not familiar with Tasker, take a look at this excellent article by Appstorm to find out what it is and what it can do for you. Using Tasker, PebbleTasker and your Pebble watch, you can do almost anything from your wrist, without having to dig out your phone.

Last weekend I went on a photo walk in Melbourne for Google+'s 2 year anniversary. We walked down some interesting alleyways that I know I would have trouble finding again. So in five minutes (while standing in an alleyway, actually), I crafted a Tasker task that would take my current location and save it to a text file. As I mentioned earlier, you'll need four things: A Pebble smartwatch ($150, check site for availability), Tasker ($3.49 AUD at time of writing), Pebble Notifier (free) and PebbleTasker ($2.14 AUD).

  • Install the three Android apps (and yes, they're Android only. Sorry iOS users, but it's time you switched to something
  • Go into Pebble Notifier, set Mode to "Include ONLY selected apps". Scroll down and tick "Tasker". Exit the app
    • This may be overkill, so feel free to change Tasker settings or Pebble Notifier settings so you don't buzz each time Tasker has something to tell you
  • Screenshot_2013-07-07-01-31-43.pngGo into Tasker. Tap on "Tasks", then the + button at the bottom to create a new task. Call it "Geotagging" or something identifiable
  • Tap the + button to add an Action
  • Go to Alert > Flash and set the text to something like "Now tagging. Please wait". When this text pops up, it'll get sent to your watch so you'll know it's tagging. Press the back button to go back to the list of tasks
  • Tap the + button again, and go to Misc > Get Location
    • Set Source to GPS
    • Set Timeout to something like 10 seconds (so you're not standing around waiting more than a minute to tag)
    • Untick everything else
    • Tap the back button again
  • Hit the + button again, and go to File > Write File
    • Set "File" to something you can find later on. I called my file "Tagged Locations.txt"
    • SIMG_20130707_013418.jpget the text to: "Tagged location: %LOC %DATE %TIME". This will write your current location, the date and time to the file
    • Tick "Append"
    • Leave "Add Newline" ticked, otherwise your file will be a mess
    • Tap the back button
  • Tap the + once more, and go to Alert > Flash
    • Set the Text to the same as the Write File action ("Tagged location: %LOC %DATE %TIME")
  • Quit out of Tasker and go into PebbleTasker.
    • Install the Watch app, and set the top button to your Geotag task


And that's it! Now when you open the PebbleTasker app on your watch and press the button, your watch will buzz to let you know it's finding you, then will buzz again letting you know your coordinates. When you get back home, plug your phone into your computer and open up the "Tagged locations.txt" file. Those coordinates can be copied and pasted into Google Maps and you can accurately see where you were.

Want to see where I was last Saturday?

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